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Introducing INTERPRET™ – a smart way to improve your OCT interpretation skills.

When it comes to advancing OCT interpretation skills, books, journal articles, and lectures can only take you so far. EyeCarePD has solved this learning challenge with the creation of INTERPRET™.


  • It is an interactive learning platform that develops your ability to decipher OCT images by mimicking on-the-job experience.
  • It exposes you to hundreds of examples of pathologies and challenges you to find them in each image.
  • It uses game-based technology to make learning fun again.



This is the best teaching tool I have found online. A great way to really learn how to read the OCT images.

Dr Kim Crowe, OD
Downtown Vision Care, Canada

If you really want to be proficient at reading OCTs there is no better tool than this. This online resource is fun, interactive, and engaging. Soon, you will master OCT interpretation and feel confident in your ability to diagnose retinal pathology.

Dr Kerry Salsberg, OD
Eyes on Sheppard , Canada

A very effective learning tool. Fun. One of the best learning experiences in years!

Dr Bruce Johnson, OD
Wetaskiwin Eyecare, Canada

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