A Clear Vision for Professional Development

Elevate your eye care skills with image-rich content and relevant case examples that empower you to treat patients more effectively.

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Start with the Patient

It all starts with your patient. Understand their history and examine their eyes as you begin to piece together their chief complaint.

Review the Pathophysiology and Clinical Trials

Interactive learning elements summarize the key elements of disease pathophysiology and critical clinical trials that affect your treatment algorithms.

Interpret Imagery and Identify Masquerading Pathologies

Annotated images allow you to sharpen your skills and differentiate between true pathology and masquerading disease.

Diagnose and Treat

Apply your knowledge, make a diagnosis, and formulate an effective treatment plan.

Deepen Your Knowledge, Deepen Your Practice

  • Improve patient outcomes with interactive learning
  • Access training at your convenience whenever you are ready to learn
  • Earn credits towards continuing education certification

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